Why YYC Walkies?

The motivation for creating this website has been two-fold.

On one hand, being relatively new to the Calgary area, I felt that there was not a huge amount of information on dog parks and places to take four-legged friends for walkies. And even where there was information, it was not necessarily very detailed, or focused on the aspects that were important to us as a family with a young child (for instance, would we all have to walk, or could our son’s bike or wagon cope with the terrain?) Yes, you could work out these details yourself by actually going to the parks and trying them out, though I felt that having some basic information available to help people make these decisions would be beneficial! So, the primary purpose of this website is to provide dog walkers (like our family) with some more insight into the options for walkies, not just in Calgary, but in the surrounding areas as well.

On the other hand, the Blog section will hopefully provide readers with some useful material about our thoughts and experiences of living with dogs in Calgary. Though still in the early stages, the plan is for the Blog to include a mix of topics and information, such as product reviews, tips and how-to’s, our personal favourite places to go for walkies, as well as anything else that comes to mind!

Meet the Team!


Aka: Indiana Bones, Indy-Windy, Indy-Fluff

Breed: 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Labrador

Sex: Male

Age: 5 years

Distinctive features: Blue tri-colour merle coat (yes, we had to look that one up!) with a white tip on his tail, a white chest and little white socks

Likes: FETCH!, SWIMMING!, CHEESE!, car rides, butt scratches, curling up with the humans in the evening, sleeping in the basement (where it’s cool and quiet), hiding in the garden (when I want some Vitamin Ds)

Dislikes: People saying ‘no’ (even if it’s not directed at me), loud noises (thunder is really scary!), winter dog booties, being given medicine, moving house, cows (they are very strange and scary…!)

Fun facts: I chose my name from a list of about 5 different options. I always know when it’s walkies time (even if the humans have not said anything). If we are not playing fetch, I like to do my own thing on a walk (much to Socky’s annoyance).


Aka: Socky, Socky-Wocky, Sock-o, Socky-Wocky-Doo-Dah

Breed: Border Collie, Labrador and Blue Heeler mix (we think)

Sex: Female

Age: 1 year

Distinctive features: Super soft black coat (with some brown highlights) and a white chest and white socks (hence the name)

Likes: SNOW!, CUDDLES!, BELLY RUBS!, stalking and CHASING anything that moves, chewing things I’m not supposed to, herding the small human (especially when he’s making a quick getaway on his bike), being brushed, digging in the garden, protecting the humans by barking at strange things, shedding all over the house, FOOD! (I will literally eat anything)

Dislikes: Wearing a dog coat, walking on a short leash, having nails clipped, being left at home when the humans go out :*(

Fun facts: I am a rescue (mommy was too young when she had me and my two siblings by accident and did not really want us). My humans think I have a special genetic mutation that gives long-haired labs a fluffy coat. I am very good at being off-leash, but don’t really understand leash walks.

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